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 Bedroom: Toddler Bedroom Ideas

Oct 16, 2015Posted in Bedroomby housize42/100 ~ 147 users

Having toddler in the family is remarkable experience for parents. Not only only because they are adorable living being, parents specially Moms could also getting more creative by creating space or room for the little ones. Lack of ideas about toddler bedroom? We brought you plenty.

Let’s s... [Read More]

 Interior: Cubicle Decorating Ideas

Oct 16, 2015Posted in Interiorby housize48/100 ~ 168 users

Working in the cubicle sometimes make us feel like getting trap in the little space without air. That's sounds exaggerate, but you can avoid it by making fresh wide space nuance of it. The key element about cubicle is how to make it larger that the reality. Here’s some ideas. A breathtaking beige ... [Read More]

 Bedroom: Bedroom Ideas For Teens

Oct 16, 2015Posted in Bedroomby housize46/100 ~ 161 users

A teenager has a different view of a bedroom than an adult — beyond a place to sleep, it’s where a teen escapes from the world of demands and rules aka reality. When brainstorming teen bedroom ideas, the most important thing to remember is that their bedroom is an expression of who they are. C... [Read More]

 Kitchen: U Shaped Kitchen Designs

Oct 16, 2015Posted in Kitchenby housize48/100 ~ 168 users

U shaped kitchen is ideal for small spaces, can accommodate only one or two cooks, depends on the width. As its name suggests, this configuration features a horseshoe-shaped work area, with cabinets and counters running around three sides with an open end for access. It can be as compact as a galley... [Read More]

 Kitchen: Fantastic Galley Kitchen Design Ideas

Oct 16, 2015Posted in Kitchenby housize57/100 ~ 208 users

A galley kitchen that is open on both sides rather than just on one end, helps to bring in more light. This kind of layout can create a feeling of connection to the rest of the home. There is a lot of ideas you can put up to make a great galley kitchen model. Such as this agreeable galley kitchen de... [Read More]

 Interior: Incredible Small Walk In Closet Ideas

Oct 15, 2015Posted in Interiorby housize57/100 ~ 208 users

Walk in closet is a must for a woman’s bedroom. Either you are couple or single, walk in closet specially where you can store all your wardrobe and stuff is much needed. Talking about design, here we have lots of ideas so you can choose one of your favorite. Start with beautiful small walk in clo... [Read More]

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